You can look at a tiny, newborn baby for ages without stopping because there is nothing more charming and fascinating than a new life. Light breathing, gentle lips, first smile – it’s all fascinating. You can't stop the time, and your baby will grow up very soon. Later on, when you look at these wonderful photos, you will remember the baby’s enchanting smell, their tiny nose, their tender touch, and the insane happiness that you felt at their birth. There is so much discovery, immense happiness and joy in seeing a small sleeping baby in your arms.

Lifestyle Newborn and Fresh 48 sessions are what we offer for your newest little bundle of joy. We do not aim for the posed shots with lots of props. We like to capture true, authenticity in your element with your baby. For a lifestyle session, we will come into your home and capture all of you interacting with the baby; typically in the master bedroom and nursery. For a Fresh 48 session, you would notify us as soon as the baby is born and we would come to the hospital within the first 48 hours of life to document all of those memories for you.

Ten little fingers, ten little toes.